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What Makes The Perfect Gift?

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I love shopping! That’s probably one of the reason I have always wanted to open my own retail shop. And I love shopping for a gift. Some people get really stressed about gift buying. I don’t. I love it! Personally, I love that feeling when I find that perfect gift that I believe is perfect for another person. What makes the perfect gift?

The perfect gift is when you find something that another person doesn’t have and probably wouldn’t buy it for themselves because it’s too frivolous or expensive. I will never forget one Christmas my sister gave me this cool paper weight. It was the first job where I had my on office and desk. I just thought the paper weight was the coolest gift. She was surprised that the least expensive gift was my favorite. Hello, it’s not the amount of money you put in the gift but the thought.

A perfect gift is finding that one item that matches the person receiving the gift personality. Perhaps something that you saw that reminded you of a childhood memory he or she shared with you. Perhaps a first edition printed of their favorite novel. It could be as simple as a gift certificate to a special restaurant that was mentioned in a conversation. It could be as little as having a photo framed. When thought is used the gift giving process can be fun for all.

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​Hey, Rusty! Where did you get the name The Green Monkey?

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The Green Monkey Six Month Milestone

Can you believe this weekend marks out 6 month threshold since opening the store! In spite of crappy weather, lots of confusion as to what The Green Monkey is all about, our doors are still open! New customers are walking in our doors everyday! Although it looks different than it did when we were at [...]

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Local Art at The Art Gallery at The Green Monkey

One of the best things about having a retail storefront is being able to hold many different events. Our store has the space for it! Our Art Gallery opened this January with the premiere of local playwright, Jesse Lowe's The Pelican. This play was a drama written and directed by Jesse about the war on terror! Drew and [...]

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Hell Is For Children? (Child Abuse Live and Well In America)

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There is no Arizona.....

Bigotry and discrimination is alive and well! This week the government of the State of Arizona passed Senate Bill 1062 that will allow businesses to refuse service to anyone that is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender based on the business owners' religious beliefs. Really? Religious beliefs? Where is the separation of church and state?As a gay American, this type [...]

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The Green Monkey Is The Corner Store With A Little Extra

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2013 WRAL Christmas Parade

We are happy to announce that The Green Monkey will be in this years WRAL Christmas Parade in Downtown Raleigh on Saturday, November 23 at 10am!  We are so excited to be a part of the parade for the first time ever!  Hope many of our Monkey fans will come out to cheer us down [...]

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