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Our Story

The Green Monkey: The Corner Store With A Little Extra
The Green Monkey is more than a retail store it’s a shopping experience that welcomes people of all faiths; free to be who they are; to love who they love and families shopping with their children for a common cause of diversity, peace and equality for all. Our vision is to help the community embrace diversity, create peace and equality for all one customer at a time.
We are a very small, locally owned business. The owners are Rusty Sutton and his life-partner, Drew Temple.  Rusty started this idea under a blue tent each weekend at the Raleigh Flea Market at NC State Fairgrounds in the Summer of 2007.  In 2010, we moved into a permanent space inside the Education building at the market.  We offered an assortment of t-shirts, jewelry, greeting cards, magnets, stickers, home accessories, pet accessories and novelties all with common themes of diversity, peace and equality for all.
In the Spring of 2013, we learned about a commercial property that was becoming available.  That property was the old Royal Mart store at the corner of Hillsborough St and Ashe Circle.  It was just blocks away from the flea market and very close to downtown Raleigh!  We fell in love with this location and its charm.  With the help of a very generous investor that believed in us and our dream, and a small go fund me campaign we raised enough funds to purchase the inventory from Royal Mart.  We thought combining our gift shop with the Royal Mart was a cool idea!  We thought a gift shop that included candy, snacks, convenient grocery items along with beer and wine would be the best of both worlds. We didn't know of many places in Raleigh where you can by a custom t-shirt, a unique piece of jewelry, a gallon of milke, bread, imported wine or a six pack of your favorite local microbrew! 
The renovations begain on September 26, 2013! The renovations were done by a generous and talented dear friend, Jeff Nugent, that donated his time and talent for three weeks to create the magic that is now called The Green Monkey at Royal Mart.  We invite you to pay us a visit to see the magic he created! 
We hope all of The Green Monkey customers will follow us to our new location and hope you will like the changes and additions we have made!  Our address has changed but our vision has not!  Our vision will always be to help the community embrace diversity, peace and equality for all!
Our new location is opened 7 days a week! We still have the same great products but just a better selection!  We have added new jewelry, custom t-shirts, new ladies apparel from The Universe Knows imported wines, beer, and custom gift baskets along with the convenience store items.  You can say we are the Corner Store With A Little Extra.
Now, Monkey Time comes 7 days a week!
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