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A Guide To Become A Valentine's Gift Hero

A Guide To Become A Valentine's Gift Hero

Posted by Rusty Sutton, The Green Monkey on 4th Feb 2019

A Guide To Become A Valentine’s Gift Hero

It’s that time of the year where little hearts are stuck on everything, Cupid is roaming, and romantic songs are filling your playlist. Yes, it means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

If Not For You

This guide was developed to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. (Hey, if you have 2 or 3 special someone’s you can use this guide, too). Our goal is to make this a stress free, fun time for you. Most of all, help you become a Valentine’s Gift Hero!

To Be Real

The type of gift should depend on how long you’ve been together.Of course if you’re married that’s a whole different ballgame!

We’ve Only Just Begun (Damn, do you miss Karen Carpenter, as much as I do?)

If you give a diamond “anything” to a person you just begun dating, well you are going to scare the hell out of them! Your gift should be light, cute and funny. Perhaps, something you learned about your sweetheart on a previous date. Think about the first time you visited The Green Monkey. (I’m assuming, of course, you have visited The Green Monkey…if you haven’t, why not?).

  • They mentioned how much they loved the Shower Burst by Hydra Aromatherapy. One or two of the shower burst along with a sachet bag would be a perfect little gift.

  • They like coffee you say? And they have a sense of humor? One of our coffee mugs with a humorous saying on it paired with a bag of our Funky Chunky treats.

  • OMG! We’ll put either of these options in a lovely gift bag for you. You are looking so damn good right now!

How does it feel to be a Valentine’s Gift Hero?

Better Be Good To Me

Okay, I get it. You really like each other. You’re getting a little “bit” every now and again. You need to up your game a little here but proceed with caution.

  • Jewelry by The Artist Jay would be a perfect gift for your sweetheart. A bracelet or necklace would be faaabulous! If they wear earrings add a matching pair of earrings to make it extra, extra faaabulous!


  • Have you checked out our selection of earrings and necklaces from our No Monet line? If your sweetheart is in to fairies, dragon fly’s and has an eclectic funky style you must choose something from this collection.


  • Maybe jewelry just isn’t their thing. Hey! I get it. Your sweetheart likes wine or craft beer. Picture this. A nice card from one of our favorite makers, Tiramisu Paperie. Most of Lisa’s cards are blank on the inside so you get to write your own romantic lines. You can do this. I promise. Pick out their favorite wine and let us make it all pretty in a gift bag for you. Put your card with it. Damn, you’re looking good!


  • Okay, they’re a beer person instead. Bam! We got this. Pick out one of our specialty six pack carriers and fill it with six of their favorite beers! OMG! You are rocking the hell out of this gift!

You’re a freakin’ Valentine’s Gift Hero!

The Rocking Years!

You’re a comfy “been together” for a while couple. You’re living together, married or really getting serious. And you want to be a Valentine’s Gift Hero! We are going to make it happen.

  • You need something special that says you know your sweetheart. Let’s make something of their own. Fill a custom gift basket with all their favorites. Here’s some great ideas.
  • One or two choices from our bath and body section
  • A water bottle for their daily workouts with a saying that match their sense of humor.
  • A clever pair of socks.
  • A bag of Funky Chunky.
  • A bottle or two of their favorite beer or wine.
  • One of our gorgeous pieces of jewelry from The Artist Jay or Splendid Iris collection will make it as magical as a Unicorn pooping rainbows!
  • We make it all nice and romantic in a gift basket.
  • Maybe your sweetheart is a collector. You must check out our Kitra’s Art Glass collection. Beautiful hand-blown glass ornaments, oil lamps and bowls. Each one has a story behind each design. OMG! Your collector is going to love it!


You’re such a Valentine’s Gift Hero!

You Are Rocking This Gift Giving Thing!

With a little thought and a little help, gift giving should be as fun and enjoyable for you, the Valentine’s Gift Hero, as it is for your sweetheart to receive it. Your fabulous and knowledgeable Gift Consultants: Denyse, Laura Jane, Drew and Rusty at The Green Monkey is ready to make sure you become a Valentine’s Gift Hero!

Drew, Denyse, Laura Jane & Rusty