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I Laugh. You Laugh. We All Laugh.

I Laugh. You Laugh. We All Laugh.

Posted by Rusty Sutton on 30th Jul 2018

I love to laugh.

I love to make others laugh

Colony Theatre, Wilson, NC. 

Picture this. Wilson, NC, 1980. I’m a 15-year old sitting in the Colony Theater with my parents watching, Coal Miner’s Daughter, the story of Country Music singer, Loretta Lynn. A scene about baloney making you horny is on the screen. Suddenly, I hear  this big belly roar of laughter! OMG! It’s coming from my Dad. As a teenager, I’m mortified. I whisper to my Mom, “Tell Daddy to stop!” She ignored me. He continued laughing. And so, did everyone else in the theater except the stiff 15-year-old kid.

Thankfully, I came to love the sound of my Dad’s laugh.

During 1992-2009, I was acting on stage with the Towne Players of Garner Community Theater. This is when I really discovered the magic of laughter. I did mostly comedic roles. Mom and Dad loved seeing me on stage. They never missed a show. Dad’s laughter would feel the theater with the magical energy. Once he started laughing the entire theater would erupt in laughter. That showed me how contagious laughter really is. 

The Towne Players of Garner production of Scapin. 2006. 

I’m beyond grateful I inherited his sense of humor along with his roaring laughter. I like sharing humor and laughs with the #MonkeyFans. If you have been to Hell Yeah, I Have Bingo or Trivia Thursdays, you know that. I love sharing stories that make the #MonkeyFans laugh.

On Trivia Thursday, Drew is behind the bar. My goal is to try to make him giggle and blush. When I catch him out of the corner of my eye smiling or giggling I know he approves. I think he’s most handsome when he’s smiling and laughing. (Sorry, for mushy stuff).

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I didn’t realize laughter gave us so many health benefits! I knew it made us feel good, but it does so much more! According to scientific research it gives us these benefits:

  • Laughter relaxes the body
  • Boost our immune system
  • Releases endorphins
  • Improves functions of blood vessels and increase blood flow
  • It can burn calories!!!!!! (One study found that laughing for 10 or 15 minutes burn 40 calories! (
  • Disrupts anger. (Drew and I have used this before to diffuse an argument.)
  • Live longer

According to, there was a study done with 20 high risk diabetic patients, all with hypertension and other ailments. One group viewed 30 minutes of humor of their choosing while the other group did not.

During a year of treatments, the group watching at least 30 minutes of comedy of their choosing a day saw many amazing improvements including lowered stress levels, increase in Good Cholesterol and other benefits! While the other group results weren’t as cheery and bright. Of course, this was a very select group and more study is needed. But these findings show us again the potential laughter may have on our health.

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While Drew and I were on our latest shopping trip to Atlanta we were looking for many things that made us smile or laugh. We saw greeting cards, magnets, towels, clothing, ornaments and more. We are looking forward to sharing these items with you in the upcoming weeks. We hope they make you laugh as much as they made us. We all could use some laughter in our lives.

We look forward to laughing with you soon at The Green Monkey. 

Big Laughs & Hugs,


Drew and Rusty with Zach Crain, founder & CEO of Freaker USA. 2018. FREAKERS

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