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3 Reasons NOT To Shop At The Green Monkey

3 Reasons NOT To Shop At The Green Monkey

Posted by Rusty Sutton on 24th Jul 2018

I decided to many years ago that our vision was to give #MonkeyFans a specific experience when visiting The Green Monkey. It has taken me 5 years to write this blog and share it with the world. These are 3 Reasons Not To Shop at The Green Monkey:

  1. If you want a shopping experience that is stiff and stuffy, not friendly and laid back, we ain't your store.
  • Our goal is to make each person that walks through our door feel welcome and appreciated that they chose to shop with us.

Here is a video that will let you know where to park if you decide to visit The Green Monkey.

2. If you're expecting to be served beer and wine in a fancy smancy crystal glassware, we ain't your store.

  • We choose not to serve in glassware so that MonkeyFans can bring their dogs inside with them instead of only on our small sidewalk area.

Check out our Pet section of our website.

3. If you're expecting a staff that is only there to ring up your sale and not be knowledgeable about our selection of beer, wine and gifts, we ain't your store.

  • All of us at The Green Monkey are excited to tell you about the artist and breweries that make the awesome gifts, beer and wine we offer. We want to share our favorites with all the New and Old MonkeyFans!

You're on our website. You may as well look around. Browse here.

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Watch The Green Monkey Show Here

Rusty Sutton

Founder & Owner

The Green Monkey