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The Green Monkey Six Month Milestone

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Can you believe this weekend marks out 6 month threshold since opening the store! In spite of crappy weather, lots of confusion as to what The Green Monkey is all about, our doors are still open! New customers are walking in our doors everyday! Although it looks different than it did when we were at the flea market our vision is still the same: Help the community embrace diversity, peace and equality for all. We are a corner store with a little extra! Yes we now have over 40 craft beers but we still have Gay Pride merchandise. We now have a small food pantry with convenience items, milk, bread and milk but we still carry some of the best and largest selection of bumper stickers in the area! We have ice cream but still offer the best selection of Coexist by Peacemonger products and Peace Frogs items in the area! Along with our new art gallery which is featuring works of local artist and performing artist with more special events throughout the year we have added the Ajaxx63 clothing line for men including fitted tshirts and bear themed shirts with more items to come. And last but not least we now offer custom tees and we can print your custom tee! So, if you haven't been to our new store I invite you to check it out! If you have been perhaps give us another chance. We are a local and small as it gets! Just think of us independent retailers the next time you need something. Your independents will support your community. Walmart supports their stockholders across the country. Don't always think big box for everything. The big boxes have the same things that every other big retailer has. Check out the independent retailers for the good stuff, unique stuff, friendly service and not only helping out your neighbor but your entire community. (Man, don't know where all this came from but I started typing...) It's still my happy place!

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