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There is no Arizona.....

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Bigotry and discrimination is alive and well! This week the government of the State of Arizona passed Senate Bill 1062 that will allow businesses to refuse service to anyone that is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender based on the business owners' religious beliefs. Really? Religious beliefs? Where is the separation of church and state?

As a gay American, this type of legislation scares the hell out of me. Drew and I have been together for 25 years. We own a home. We own a small business. We are trying to live the American dream. Neither one of us have a criminal record. We pay our bills. We have family and friends just like our straight counterparts. But, the government of Arizona thinks that business owners have the right not to serve us because we are gay! The citizens of Arizona should be outraged! Every citizen of America should be outraged!

History has shown us that nothing good comes from discrimination. Perhaps if we could lose all the labels we have given each other and let us all live as one. HUMANS.

Every living thing on this earth has a heart

Every little thing that I am, so you are

And if you look in my eyes

You will see we are souls alike

We are Pearls

We are Pearls

We are Pearls on a Chain

We Are Pearls on a Chain by Olivia Newton John from Grace and Gratitude CD

The Grand Canyon has always been a destination we both have wanted to visit. For us, the Grand Canyon doesn’t exist anymore. There is no Arizona. 

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